Sophie Thwaites

Helping your child get back into their body and ready to learn 

Does your child find it hard to sit still and concentrate?

Do they avoid sports due to coordination difficulties?

Do they struggle to maintain focus in the classroom?

Does he/she fatigue easily, from constantly having to battle with life's daily challenges?

In order to help a child focus, concentrate, improve their handwriting, develop peer to peer relationships, and create more effective communication skills, a child must work in unison with their body. Only once a child develops this, can the brain move its focus away from the body, and instead on to higher cognitive functioning.


MSc Occupational Therapy

Training at the Institute of Neuro Physiological Psychology

Holistic Circus Therapy Training  

BSc Psychology


Sophie has worked with children with varying learning differences in Australia, USA and England. She has developed a broad understanding of how best to work with children, and how to help them establish greater connections with their surrounding environment.

At school, Sophie was diagnosed with dyspraxia and dyslexia and so understands the demands and struggles that school life can have on a child. 

She was fortunate enough to receive the appropriate support to help overcome her challenges at school, and now has a passion to help other children to also reach their potential. 


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