"Sophie has been working with my daughter, who has Global Developmental Delay and other associated issues, including anxiety and sensory processing disorder. Sophie has a caring, patient and sensitive approach and she quickly built up rapport and trust in the therapeutic relationship. Sophie manages to get our daughter to focus and stay motivated for the entire hour and the exercises are fun so it doesn’t feel like ‘work’, she always really enjoys and looks forward to her sessions with Sophie and is keen to carry on the exercises at home. The exercises are very carefully selected and prioritised for our daughter’s specific needs in order to move her forwards and develop essential skills. Our daughter has consequently made rapid progress since starting her sessions in terms of her development but also, her attention, ability to follow instructions, confidence and body awareness. Sophie has a wealth of knowledge and if I have any concerns about certain behaviours, she is happy to discuss and explain the possible underlying causes of it and she will often make suggestions and strategies which help us to manage and support her better. The work that Sophie has done with our daughter has been invaluable and I have written this testimonial in the hope that it will inspire other parents to get in touch with her so that more children can benefit from her expertise."     

Anonymous, Shoreham.

"Sophie has been amazing with my 11yo. He is dyslexic and she worked with him for nearly a year. The change in him is amazing. Sophie is so patient and kind, putting him at ease even during moments when his anxiety sky rocketed. Can't thank her enough."


"My son and I have been working with Sophie for around a year on the retained reflexes programme. Sophie assessed our son and developed a programme for us over a year that we followed every day, and in between we would visit Sophie to measure progress and integrate further exercises as needed. Sophie has been extremely professional, knowledgeable, and importantly, easy to work with. She is very cheerful and my son has really enjoyed the time he spent with Sophie -  and she has been very good at explaining the exercises and motivating him to do them regularly. My son was experiencing a number of difficulties in school, and Sophie assessed he had many retained reflexes, and provided us with a baseline score for each one. After a few weeks into the programme we began to notice gradual but definite changes. Over time my son’s handwriting improved (the change in ‘neatness’ was quite dramatic). He had also never been able or shown any interest in riding bikes or scooters. Within a few months he suddenly became interested in scootering and loved it with a passion – I believe this was due to the exercises improving his balance and co-ordination. My son himself reported that he felt more able to focus in school. I would not hesitate to recommend Sophie and would be happy to provide feedback as required."

Ellen, Brighton.

"Sophie has helped me a lot. She is a great person."     

Seff (10), Brighton.

"My daughter has shown a dramatic improvement in her balance and coordination and has really loved the fun and varied sessions. She has become more confident climbing and cycling and is much more secure and happy in her movements. I would highly recommend the Movement Programme to others and want to thank Sophie for all her help."

Sarah, Brighton. 

"Sophie has helped me with a lot of things, including movement, circus skills and my DCD (developmental coordination disorder). She has also made me believe in myself and persevere more."     

Jack (9), Brighton.      

"I came across Sophie at a time I wasn't looking for an OT, but a lot of what she said about making his body strong resonated with me, so I booked in for a 10 week programme. My son has high anxiety especially in new situations but Sophie was very good at putting him at ease and he soon settled in, and looked forward to his "Sophie sessions". Sophie took time to get to know him, by reviewing historical reports and talking with him in order to create the right programme. The sessions were fun, and often my son was learning through play, without even realising it. In particular there was one task which tested both his gross motor skills and executive functioning, and for me it was interesting to see how he had his own strategies for coping, for instance by pre sorting bean bags by colour or picking up the right colours in his hand, so that he only had to remember the order he threw them in. My son particularly enjoyed the yoga (even though he would never admit it), and we have continued with this at home. I would say that these sessions have helped my son with his learning behaviours, in that he is now more focussed and persists with completing a task. Sophie uses a lovely studio in central Brighton, and has a calm yet focussed style for her programme. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to any parent/carer looking for this type of support."     

NB, Hove. 

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